Organisers Paul Knight and Trish O'Hara
    Mobile contact number 0781 5635682
    e-mail address

    Who has played at Lost Horizons so far
    Will O'Donoghue
    James O'Hara-Knight
    Sam Hopkins
    Lydia Niesyto-Bame with Joe Niesyto
    Lydia Niesyto-Bame with Claire Niesyto-Bame
    George Gilman
    Louis Gilman
    Hillbilly Express
    Nick Stephenson
    Steve O'Donoghue
    Hence the Tortoise
    Stew Simpson
    Bob Munton
    The Kittiwakes
    The Raven
    Dan Beckley
    Nick Pickett
    Foghorn Leghorn
    Josienne Clark
    Louise Jordan
    Ivy Yorke
    Bow & Bellows
    Sean McGowan
    The Session
    Richards Staines
    David Shervelew
    The Mark Harrison Band
    Dave Gerard and James Frid
    John Ellis
    The Peter Aldridge Band
    Jess Morgan
    Joe Driscoll
    Rosie Eade
    Laura Victoria
    Blue Rose Code
    Martha Tilston
    Second of the Sixth
    Paper Aeroplanes
    Steve White and the Protest Family
    Megan Henwood
    Rosie Eade and Davey Malone
    Anna MacDonald
    Russ Chandler
    Bobby Valentino and the Musician
    Grace Petrie
    Reuban's Train
    Ewan McLennon
    Michele Stodart
    Said the Maiden
    All Things Considered
    Green Diesel
    Apples I'm Home
    Hatful of Rain
    Keston Cobblers Club
    Hot Feet
    Ava Lyall
    Mike Nisbet
    Jacob de Berker
    Kim Lowings and the Greenwood
    Goodnight Celluloid
    Green Children of Wolfpit
    Amy Spencer Band
    Maria Naffah
    Jim Fodder
    The Bonfire Band
    Glyn Shipman
    Sycamore Sykes
    Minnie Birch